July 11, 2019 By KARISHMA SHAH

Maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle - especially for those living busy lives. One challenge a lot of people face, is that, busier their life becomes, the more difficult it can be to prepare healthy meals. And here enters Ready to Eat meals. Ready to eat food has made people's life easier. The ready to eat (RTE) food products, also called convenience food, are fully or partially cooked when packed. These foods were initially consumed by defense people, disaster victims, trekkers, hikers, and hunters, others who required food in short time and on the travel lines. But now, they have become popular with most of the busy people in modern cities.

At Kamdhenu foods, we have made this process simpler. All you have to do is add water and your meal is ready. With a wide variety of options available in Veg and Jain options, you'll be delighted to bits. With this, no need to skip your meals and compromise with your health. The convenience offered with these ready to eat meals provides a way out to have a healthy meal while adjusting with your tight schedule.

In addition to this, there are several other advantages that Ready to Eat meals provide:

  • Convenient- Kamdhenu's ready to eat meals are needed to just add water and eaten any time of the day or night.  This can be especially handy for people who work late nights, or otherwise unconventional hours - or simply want to eat whenever is most convenient for them. Purchasing food this way means that you can eat it whenever and however - you please.

  • Wide variety- With demand for pre-made meals demand for variety comes. You can now get pre-made meals in a wide variety of options and flavours at Kamdhenu.

  • Time saving- One of the most obvious advantages of Kamdhenu's Ready to Eat  meals is, the ability to save time and energy that cooking requires. Shopping for groceries is time consuming in itself, as the process of preparing and cooking the food, then cleaning up afterwards. For many busy people, setting aside an hour or more in their evening for a meal to be prepared, served, then eaten is simply not a luxury they have.

  • Value for money- Kamdhenu's Ready to Eat meal is a very good value for money and reduce food wastage, especially for people who would otherwise be preparing meals for one or two people. Cooking for one person can result in food waste, because some cooking ingredients can only be purchased in large amounts, which may lead to food waste and spoilage.

  • Healthier ingredients- Many commercially prepared foods are high in fat, salt, and sugar.  Kamdhenu's Ready to Eat meals, we know exactly which ingredients and how much of each are going into our food. And believe us, we are monitoring your health on our fingertips.

Hence with technology getting enhanced, life does become easier-This time with ready to eat meals. 

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