August 27, 2019 By KARISHMA SHAH

The monsoon season is upon us with lashing rains, thunderous clouds and striking lightning. While this is the time of torrential rainfall, it is also the time for travel. But lo and behold! The road might be fraught with perils. The journey during monsoons can be unpredictable.

However, there's much you can do to stay comfortable and enjoy yourself during the rain. Here's a suggested monsoon packing list for India.

  • Mosquito bands or repellents- These are essential as mosquitoes breed in large numbers during the monsoons so you might wish to take some mosquito bands. The good thing about them is that you can wear them on your clothing or you can attach them to your bag. It creates a protective halo around you which will help you against malaria and dengue fever (Delhi is famous for this).

  • Raincoat or jacket and Umbrella- This goes without saying but brings a small one so that you can fold it away in your bag. A raincoat or jacket is going to be essential if you are visiting India during the monsoons. But do make sure they are light and thin as most parts of India are still warm even during the rainy seasons.

  • Kamdhenu foods- Kamdhenu foods recently launched the ready to eat meals in varied flavors and multiple options which can be very useful on the backpack trips. However, the USP of Kamdhenu foods the dried fruit chunks are a very tasty, healthy and a hassle-free product to carry anytime, anywhere! So on your trip, you can worry less and enjoy more!

  • Footwear- When it rains a lot, the roads tend to be slippery. So make sure you wear weather appropriate shoes. Keep all your fancy, expensive, leather shoes at home in dry safety because there’s a high possibility they might get spoilt in the rain. Floaters and sandals are your best options.

  • Carry a hairdryer- This is more than just a beauty tip. If you get wet in the rain make sure you dry your hair with a dryer because a wet head could lead to a cold. So it's best to keep the head dry. This tip works for both genders and leaves you with fabulous stunning hair.

  • Board games and books- When traveling during the rainy season it can so happen that you end up getting stuck in your hotel room due to heavy downpour. In situations like these you'll be glad you packed a few board games and books for entertainment.

    Monsoon is the tricky season for travel, but this list will make it easy and sleazy for you!! Have a happy trip!


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