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We are the most innovative company that provides the largest range of dried fruit snacks which are very beneficial for your health and wellness. Creating mouth-watering, fruit bars, slices and chunks is not just a business, but the passion that runs through our DNA. We also embark on processing nutritious and wholesome supplements for obese and diabetic.

Located in South Gujarat, our infrastructure has been segregated into different sections that help in accomplishing tasks and operations. 

This has helped us in creating a strong reputation with all our clients such as Tit Bit Foods (I) Pvt.Ltd., Swastik Trading Co., Inn-Venue Hospitality, Paper Boat and many more.

Our Transperency has enabled us to garner a vast clinetele all across India.We partner with all agencies ranging from wholesale, retail, hotels, restaurants, catering businesses, nutritionists, dieticians and the like.  

Tasty yet healthy!


To produce the best and most nutritious food product with the help of solar energy and become a pioneer in healthy food snacks for the world at large.


To strike forward utilising the sun as our prime weapon and cater to the needs, wants and necessities of basic food and nutrition. In harmony with nature, we want to deliver food thats good.

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